From craft to technology: The Alchemy of Chocolate and the key role of Holifresh!

Jonné Jean-Sébastien, the passionate founder of "L'Alchimie du Chocolat", runs a business dedicated to creating chocolates from his workshop in Waterloo. With an eye for detail and an obvious love of craftsmanship, Jean-Sébastien and his team demonstrate a passion and dedication to producing top-of-the-range chocolate, making everything from pure chocolate and transforming it into a variety of delicacies.

In addition to Waterloo, l'Alchimie du Chocolat's presence extends to Wallonia and Brussels, with shops in Ixelles, Neupré and Uccle, all of which delight in the range of products on offer from the main workshop. The company stands out not only for its production but also for its proximity to customers, allowing them to take a peek at the manufacturing process, combining an immersive shopping experience with the family atmosphere cultivated among the team.

Their range of chocolates boasts a wealth of flavours and innovations, with specialities such as basil-infused ganache and speculoos praline, while maintaining a creative momentum that generates new creations on a regular basis. Although the company has benefited from increased visibility and a wider customer base thanks to an appearance on Les meilleurs chocolatiers a year ago, the team still sees the challenge and importance of attracting new customers to their shop, convincing them with quality that surpasses the offerings of the big brands.

Alchimie du Chocolat has adopted our Holifresh system, an intelligent monitoring system for refrigeration appliances. Holifresh has impressed with its ease of installation and use, providing real-time data and alerts via a simple application, ensuring the safety and quality of stored goods. In fact, the system has already proved its worth: "We had a freezer that was full, and I don't know what happened, but someone had pulled the plug. Fortunately, we were immediately alerted to the drop in temperature, and we were able to save the goods!


The story of L'Alchimie du Chocolat, as told by Jean-Sébastien, is a testament to dedication to craftsmanship, adaptation to modern preservation technology, and a tireless quest for quality and innovation in the competitive world of Belgian chocolate.