Holifreshmeets your industry!

The high level Monitoring

The high level Monitoring

The high level Monitoring

The high level Monitoring

The high level Monitoring

The high level Monitoring

The high level Monitoring

Your needs

How Holifresh helps you

Avoid breaking the cold chain and loss of goods
Cascading alarm system to be warned at any time even in the event of a power failure!
Manual temperature recording
Recordings are automatic and easily accessible, saving you time!
Reduced number of equipment to be monitored
Even if you only have a small number of fridges, the solution is suitable!

Features tailored to your industry

HoliTAKS - Task management

Manage on a daily or ad hoc basis all your team tasks such as cleaning or other specific checks

HoliFORMS - Checklists encoding

All your checklists can be integrated such as reception checks, service temperatures control, internal audit and many more!

HoliDRIVE - Document management

Keep all your documents related to the quality in one place such as your pest control plan, your different allergen listings, procedures, etc.
Upload them all to your different sites from the head office!

Our customers -testify for you !

« Holifresh allows us to manage our temperatures more efficiently and quickly. We have 13 points of sale and working with a  a tool to manage instantly this data is very secure. Control is easier for our teams in the field and also for us remotely. It enables us to react very quickly to any problems and thus avoid losing goods. The cost is therefore quickly recouped. »

Mr. Dufey Ludovic

EXKi - Sudexquis

General manager

"We wanted to test the Holifresh solution. It was tested in one of our restaurants which had not very efficient fridges. We liked the Holifresh solution a lot, especially the alarm system, the remote controle but also the fact of having alerts on the phone and being able to anticipate the problem rather than having it happen to us." 

Mr. Suspene Mathieu


Quality Manager